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How We Do It

We create well-formed outcomes, develop a plan to achieve those outcomes, leverage resources and put conditions in place to make success inevitable.


What We Do

We accelerate business growth by increasing new customer acquisition, frequency of purchase and referrals.

Business Growth Specialists Remodernize

Who We Are

As a private equity firm, we excel in maximizing growth and profitability to strategically position businesses for lucrative acquisition.


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Want more new customers, repeat business and referrals?

We partner with ambitious entrepreneurs to unlock their full profit potential through comprehensive strategic and tactical support.

Strategically, we help identify the pivotal actions necessary to propel your business from it's current state to your desired vision.

Tactically, we develop a clear roadmap to success, outlining the "how", "by whom" and "by when" of effective implementation, as we collaborate with you to achieve your goals.

We leverage our resources to manufacture competitive advantages and drive profitably converting traffic for any product or service to fuel sustainable growth.

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Our mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve success - so they can create jobs, grow economies, offer better products and services, and realize great personal satisfaction and wealth when they exit their business... as well as to support programs that make the world a better place.

We own and manage a diversified portfolio of businesses in proprietary manufacturing, technology, and digital services. We leverage our resources to provide consulting and revenue share based services to entrepreneurs and CEOs looking to exit from their business in the next 3-5 years.

The work we do results in maximizing current revenue generators, plugged financial holes, refined operating procedures, the implementation of an aggressive marketing and advertising strategy to bring in more buyers, as well as an increase in frequency in which those buyers purchase and give referrals.

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We audit existing resources to set benchmarks, then we implement our Predictable ROI dashboard before we throw rocket fuel on the business. From cash flow, to technology, products, people, cyber security, and overall systems - we inject what is necessary to scale, secure, and streamline the business.

  • We audit all technology and vendors to validate outcome efficiency against alternatives
  • We automatically connect up all your existing systems to our dashboard, allowing us to immediately spot and fix problems
  • We monitor and interview existing employees, then model top performers to maximize productivity and sales
  • We interview existing customers and compare your solutions to their needs to drive innovation


Without social proof, your business can't be trusted by 7 out of 10 consumers. We manufacture authority by getting you placement in hundreds of national publications. Then implement our proprietary system to build a 5 star reputation, and market that reputation to create new opportunities.

  • We manufacture authority by getting your business featured in National Publications like MSNBC, NBC, ABC News, Fox News, Yahoo News, Google News, and thousands more.
  • We build a custom feedback center for you to make it easy to get not only reviews, but valuable feedback.
  • We monitor and alert you and/or your staff when a positive or negative review is posted online
  • We market your reviews across all your paid advertising, social media channels, and published content to build earned trust and pre-sell prospects.


More people need to know about your business today, than did yesterday, seems like pretty common sense stuff - but so many businesses miss the boat on this. We leverage 34 methods for attracting perfect prospects. Click the + button to see a few.

  • Joint Ventures
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Omni Channel Advertising
  • Press Releases
  • Referral Programs
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Trade Show Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Email Marketing


We leverage 3 methods of increasing your average transaction value to help you recoup your investment as quickly as possible. Click the + button to learn how we increase profits per sale.

  • Immediate Upselling - Do You Want Fries with that… (McDonalds)
  • Cross Selling - People who bought the also liked… (Amazon)
  • Bundling - You can get Phone, Cable & Internet… (Cable)

Reactivation & Retention

We leverage 4 methods of increasing the frequency with which your customers buy. By rewarding them for feedback, we determine additional needs, and give them more of what they want. Click the + button to see how we maximize customer value by increasing frequency.

  • Retention Programs - Direct mail, email, newsletters, call centers, text messages, social media & retargeting
  • Loyalty Programs - VIP promotions, frequency discounts, free Merchandise
  • Continuity Billing - Adding auto-billing solutions is the VERY best of all methods to increase frequency
  • Line Extensions - Sell more of what your customers buy often via joint ventures


We implement strategic referral programs with new and existing customers, and maximize joint venture relationships with our proprietary automated referral systems to triple the number of referrals you get.

  • Social contests and giveaway programs that turn customers into your unpaid salesforce
  • Proprietary Referral Trading system to get businesses who have already have your ideal customers to automatically refer them to you for the service that best fits their needs.

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You will need to complete the form at the end of this page. If your business fits our range of niche industries. We will send you a link to our booking calendar to schedule a Preliminary Telephone Appointment to determine if this is a good match for both you and Remodernize. Should we choose to continue, we'll contact you to schedule a MAP Day

Make A Plan Day

Remo will work with you to define your UVP, customer avatar, and create a blueprint outlining the opportunities available for reaching your true profit potential.

Negotiate Deal

We'll put together the deal structure based on the blueprint from your MAP Day - defining what we will provide, what we will receive, and triggering events for each phase of the comp structure.

Implement Fix

Increase valuation by eliminating contingent liabilities, increasing customer acqusition, improving customer retention & repeat purchases, increase backlog, build brand, focus on high-profit high barrier to entry niches, remove financial warts, and show revenue growth over time.


Once we increase EBITDA 4X-10X. We compile a target list of M&A firms, business brokers and make introductions. Send "Teaser", execute NDA, send the "Book", Execute LOI or indicative bid, negotiate & draft PSA, negotiate & draft escrow, make pre-closing adjustments... and close.

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